EMV Debit Cards Coming Soon

EMV Debit Cards Coming Soon

Beginning in September, we will start reissuing and mailing out Debit Cards with EMV chips. This card will replace your current Debit Card. 

The Importance of EMV Cards

EMV cards are more secure due to the microchip embedded in the card. Every time the EMV card is used, the microchip creates a unique transaction code that can't be used again. This technology is effective to prevent fraud. 

Good to Know

  • Card Details
    • Card number: your current card number will NOT change
    • PIN #: your current PIN # will NOT change 
    • Expiration Date : the expiration date WILL change - If recurring automatic debits are set up on your card, please contact the merchant/merchants to update your expiration date. 
  • Activation - You will be required to call to activate your EMV Debit Card. Once you do this, your current non-EMV Debit Card will be deactivated so please shred it. 
  • Magnetic Strip -The EMV Debit Cards will still have a magnetic  strip on the back. If a merchant does not accept EMV Cards, you will proceed with using the magnetic strip by swiping your card. 
  • ATM Cardholders - EMV ATM Cards will not be reissued and mailed. Once we start offering instant issue cards, members will need to order one. 

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