Used Auto - Pre Purchase Vehicle

Used Auto - Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections

To help protect our members, JSC FCU will require a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection on used vehicles purchased from a non-franchise dealership or individuals*.

Inspections must be performed by either Auto Exam or an ASE Certified Shop with a written report stating vehicle was not flooded.

Good to Know:

Severe flooding damaged as many as 1 million vehicles in the Houston area. Some of those vehicles may find their way back on the market. It can be difficult to spot a flooded vehicle and damage may not appear for months or years. 

Types of Dealerships/Sellers:

  • Franchise Dealerships – the name of the dealership will include a major auto manufacturer brand name (Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Toyota, etc.)
  • Independent Dealership – Does not include the name of a major auto maker in the name and do not have any affiliation or contract with any auto manufacturer.
  • Individual Seller - Private party that is selling the vehicle they own. This can be a friend, family member or online seller.

How is flood damage hidden?

  • Carpets and upholstery are removed, cleaned, and reinstalled.
  • Debris lines are washed off of the exterior.
  • Interiors are deodorized.

What kind of issues does flood damage cause?

  • Water in the vehicle fluids can cause engine, transmission, differential, power steering, and brake system failures. These issues will not appear until weeks after the water enters the system.
  • Water also washes out the lubricants in the wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods, and other undercarriage components. These will rust and fail over the next few months.
  • With water comes electrical issues. Many times once components dry out, they will function. However over the next year or so they will develop corrosion from the water intrusion. That corrosion can cause sensor failures, computer failures, and in some cases random airbag deployments.
  • Additionally if the moisture is not fully removed it can cause mold, mildew, and health issues.
  • A flood damaged vehicle can depreciate anywhere from 25 –50% due to the damage.

*Some exceptions may apply. Please see a JSC FCU Representative for more details.

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