Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the safe and convenient way to have your payroll, Social Security, pension or any other recurring payment deposited into your JSC FCU savings or checking account.  You'll not only save time by making fewer trips to the credit union, but you'll also have peace of mind knowing that your check can never be lost or stolen.
  • Completely free!
  • Faster and safer than if done by mail
  • Funds are available immediately upon deposit
  • Save time and gas by making fewer trips to the credit union

When initiating a direct deposit, you will need to supply both your JSC FCU account number and JSC FCU's routing number - 313083992.

If you have a Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or other federal benefit check, please click here to see how you can sign-up for Direct Deposit right now online!

NOTICE: All Federal Benefits Will Be Paid Electronically Beginning March 1, 2013
The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently announced a new rule requiring all federal benefit and nontax payments to be paid electronically. If you are currently receiving federal benefit checks, you must switch to an electronic payment option by March 1, 2013. If you are already receiving benefit payments electronically, you do not need to take any action, as you will continue to receive your payment as usual.

Getting your payment electronically by direct deposit is safer and more reliable than by paper check. With direct deposit, you don't have to worry about your check being stolen out of your mailbox and there's no need to make a trip to cash or deposit a check. Your money is on time, every time. Plus, it's better for the environment and saves taxpayer dollars.

You can switch your paper benefits check to direct deposit into your existing JSC FCU Savings or Checking Account by either signing-up online at or you can call the GoDirect helpline at 800.333.1795. Be sure to have your JSC FCU Account Number and the JSC FCU routing number (313083992) accessible when you are signing up. For more information about this new rule, or if you have questions about your existing federal benefits check, please visit the Go Direct website at or call the GoDirect helpline at 800-333-1795.

For more information on JSC Federal Credit Union, or to find out how you can join, please call 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708, or visit any branch office or e-mail.

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