JSC Federal Credit Union (JSC FCU) is proud of our 50-plus years of serving the financial needs of members in the Houston area. We are dedicated to maximizing member satisfaction and financial stability, and part of our mission is to provide competitive rates and terms for members needing a car loan. To help our members get the most out of their car shopping experience, we have helpful guides to walk you through the loan process, and to help you find your ideal car at a fair price. Using our online tools, you can do most of the “legwork” right from your computer. Members have found that whether they’re looking for a new car loan or a car loan for an older car, JSC Federal Credit Union is the place to start. 

Used and Classic Cars

Buying a late model used car is a popular choice for many people. Because cars that are a year or two old have a list price that is often 30 percent to 60 percent less than what a new car costs, but still have low mileage and warranty coverage, they can be a very good deal. However, because there is often more negotiation involved in purchasing a used car than a new one, sometimes people are intimidated, frustrated or become impatient with the process. JSC Federal Credit Union can help with the process, not just getting an auto loan in Houston, but by providing information that will help in your negotiations.

When it comes to negotiating a used car purchase, two old sayings are very true. Knowledge is power, and time is money. JSC FCU tools include: links to the NADA price guide, an online loan calculator, and a list of preferred dealerships in the Houston area, so you know you can trust them to provide a fair deal. These references provide knowledge that will help you make the right choices. These online tools will help save time which is the same as saving money.

Some members in Houston are looking for a car that is older than just one or two years. They are looking for auto loans for older cars, and in some cases for auto loans for cars over 100,000 miles, or auto loans for classic cars. Normally, we prefer to provide loans for cars less than eight years old, but classic cars can be a special case. Speak with a JSC FCU representative to see what options are available for a classic car. For older cars that are not yet “classics,” a vehicle history report is recommended for the car that you are considering. Our online Member Auto Center offers tips on these services.

Help with Any Car-Buying Decision

Whether you are interested in an auto loan for a used or classic car, or an auto loan for a new car, our online information on loan payoff, warranties, and guidelines for first-time buyers are all useful resources that we are proud to offer our members.



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