For over 50 years, JSC Federal Credit Union (JSC FCU) has been serving the financial needs of members in the Houston area. Over 123,000 members have come to rely on us for financial services, including auto loan refinances. With interest rates so volatile today, and so many options, you want to work with someone you can trust if you are refinancing an auto loan. We are dedicated to offering honest and fair deals to all our members.

Auto Loan Refinancing

If you are looking for a good way to save money today, consider auto loan refinancing. Getting an auto loan refinance quote from JSC Federal Credit Union will show you how much you can save. Our auto refinance loans are a great way to lock in low interest rates and lower your monthly auto payments.

Refinancing your auto loan is quick and easy with our online application. Along with our highly competitive auto loan refinance rates, we have a number of options and payment plans available to our members. Our online loan calculator can help you determine what loan term and amount is right for you.

In addition to the great rates of our auto loan refinance options, our auto refinancing loans feature:

• No penalties if you choose to pay off your loan early
• Optional low-cost payment protection insurance
• Convenient payment options, including coupons for mailing in payments, debit payments from a JSC FCU account, or automatic payments from another financial institution

Other Benefits

In addition to the better interest rates and terms that may be available with a JSC FCU auto loan refinance program, there are other benefits available.

If you wish, you can apply for GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Insurance. This will pay off your remaining loan balance if your automobile is stolen or damaged, and is considered a total loss. This insurance “bridges the gap” that sometimes occurs when something unexpected happens to your vehicle that goes beyond what your regular insurance covers. You may even be able to add the cost of GAP to your refinanced auto loan. Check with a JSC FCU representative for more details.

Many dealers and outside companies offer Extended Warranty Contracts. However, with your JSC FCU auto refinance loan, you may be able to add this benefit to your loan payment. An extended warranty contract protects auto buyers from expensive mechanical repairs, including comprehensive situations. There are three product levels, based on the scope of service you want covered. Level three is bumper to bumper coverage, including all of a car’s mechanical and electrical repairs. Check with your JSC Federal Credit Union representative to see if adding one of these additional benefits to your refinanced auto loan is a good choice for you.

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