If you are interested in financing a car, JSC Federal Credit Union (JSC FCU) could be the ideal place to obtain your auto loan. We offer a wide range of tools to help you make the right decisions regarding your new car, including a car finance calculator, a list of preferred dealers, and a Member Auto Center with useful information, dealer coupons and incentives, as well as information on warranties and maintenance. Our staff is committed to providing our members with the best in customer service.

Use the JSC FCU Car Finance Calculator

The JSC FCU car financing calculator is an exceptionally helpful tool when you want to finance a car. The JSC FCU car finance calculator can help you determine your best strategy on issues such as:

• Should I lease or purchase a car? The JSC FCU calculator will calculate your monthly payments and total net cost. You can compare then make the right choice for you.
• How much will my payments be? Before entering into a contract, it’s extremely important to know just what your payments will be, so that you know you can afford them. Our calculator will help you determine this important information.
• Should I take a rebate, or low-cost financing? There are attractive features to both of these options, and our calculator will help you decide which is best for you.
• Should I accelerate my auto payments? Sometimes you want to get your vehicle paid off, and be done with it. But this isn’t always the best choice. Our calculator will show you how extra payments will affect your loan.
• How much car can I afford? Often, the car we want most is not the one we can afford. Having a realistic understanding of what your monthly payments should be will be a great help when choosing your next car.

New or Used?

Financing a car can be both exciting and intimidating. Sometimes, there is added pressure in trying to determine whether to buy new or used. Buying a used car can be difficult because some dealers want to haggle and play games. The JSC FCU Member Auto Center offers a list of preferred dealers, and handy tips on buying a used car. You can trust us for competitive used car financing rates.

Financing Your Car with JSC FCU

There are many benefits to financing a car with JSC FCU. If you are buying from a dealer, we have a list of preferred dealers, and dealers who provide JSC FCU financing onsite at their dealership. Whether you are buying from a dealer or an individual, we offer competitive interest rates, no penalties if you pay off your loan early, and low-cost optional payment protection insurance.

Why JSC Federal Credit Union?

JSC FCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative. We are dedicated to helping our members become financially self-sufficient and successful, so we offer our car finance calculator and many other features to help our members in their car financing decisions.


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