Thanks for taking a moment to check out JSC Federal Credit Union (JSC FCU), where we offer the credit card APR rates you've been looking for, along with an entire array of other services that are all geared around giving our members the financial freedom and stability they seek. If you've been trying to find good credit card APR rate and it's been more of a struggle than you hoped for, it's time to consider JSC FCU, where we go above and beyond for every credit union member. 

Making Payments Online

Not only do we have great APR credit card rates, but we also have online banking options so that you can pay off your JSC FCU Platinum Visa credit card with ease. When you sign up, your credit card and your accounts are linked. You can access it all from your computer or smartphone. Rather than writing a check every month, you just use online transfer options to move money from one account to the next, and then you're all set. When combined with our excellent credit card APR rates, this means we have some of the most affordable credit cards on the market.

Major Card

One of the benefits of our good credit card APR rates is that we give you low rates on our VISA Platinum Credit Card. This is a card that will work anywhere in the world that accepts Visa, which equals millions of vendors. There are no restrictions or drawbacks. We want to give you the best APR credit card rates in the business, but we also want to give you a card that works for you in any situation. Whether you need it for personal use, for business or anything in between, this is the ideal card.

Fraud Protection

If you want to use your card out of town since you know you have a great credit card APR rate, simply contact us and let us know of your travel plans. We can make a note on your account and make sure that the card is always active and ready to go wherever you are.

Our excellent fraud protection is always monitoring our accounts to look for suspicious activity, and we can freeze your account if we think your card has been stolen. This just like our great credit card APR rates is another way that we serve you. We want you to have peace of mind and to know that your money is being protected. Letting us know when something unusual is happening ensures there is no miscommunication or loss of use.

Learn More About Good Credit Card APR Rates

To learn more about our credit card APR rates and the other ways our cards help you, please contact us today.


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