If you’re like most people today, your mailbox is full of credit cards claiming that they have the best credit card interest rates. However, if you read the fine print, those credit card interest rates may not be what are best for you. At JSC Federal Credit Union (JSC FCU), we understand that our members want credit card interest rates that are fair and without the hidden legalese. With a low standard 7.90% APR to 15.90% APR based on credit worthiness* we have the best deal in town. We want our members to enjoy the benefits of our credit card interest rates.  

Understanding Credit Card Interest Rates

It can be difficult to understand exactly how credit union credit card interest rates affect our members. At JSC FCU, we want our members to feel comfortable with the interest rates on credit cards they have in their wallet. Our Visa specialists can answer any questions you may have, including:
• Can I transfer another credit card balance to this card?
• Do I have to pay off the balance each month to avoid high credit card interest rates?
• Are there any annual fees, late payment fees or over-the-limit fees with a JSC FCU Visa credit card?
These are just a few of the common questions you might have about our credit card. We want our members to have a credit card with terrific terms so that their lives are made easier.

Reducing Credit Card Interest Rates

For those that need to reduce their current credit card interest rates, there are tips that can help. Transferring high interest rate credit cards to a lower interest rate credit card is one option that you should consider. Our credit card interest rate is low, giving those who transfer a chance to lower their balances on other cards.

The Benefits of JSC FCU Continues to Grow

At JSC FCU, we take a great deal of pride in providing our members with a wide range of services, including competitive interest rate credit cards. We know that our Visa credit card offers many benefits to our members. With no annual fee, no balance transfer fees, no cash advance fees, no late payment fees and no over-the-limit fees,* our members truly reap the rewards of this credit card. We have a wide range of options when it comes to paying your bill.

Contact JSC FCU Now to Learn More

If you’re not a member of JSC FCU yet, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is open a savings account and complete a short application. We have representatives ready to answer any questions you may have about our credit card interest rates. Let us show you how to save money with your credit card.



 *Visa Platinum Credit Card rates can range from 7.90% - 15.90% APR based on creditworthiness. Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card rates can range from 9.90% - 17.90% APR based on creditworthiness. Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card rates and terms are accurate as of 08/26/2018 and subject to change. Foreign transaction, return payment, statement copy, rush and pay-by-phone fees may apply. Please reference the JSC FCU Visa Platinum Rewards or Visa Platinum Credit Card Application for complete card details. For current information, please contact a JSC FCU representative at any branch, call us at 281.488.7070, or write to JSC FCU, P.O. Box 58346, Houston, TX 77258.

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