Thanks for taking a moment to check out JSC Federal Credit Union (JSC FCU), where we integrate the newest technology to serve you better. One of the best new features that we offer is a remote deposit system that is going to make your life easier, give you greater control over your money, and allow you to utilize your accounts without making a time-consuming trip to the nearest branch


How It Works

The remote check deposit system is simple and easy to use. Express Deposit mobile check deposit is available through the JSC FCU mobile app. Instantly deposit your checks right from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android). Receive immediate confirmation that your check images have successfully uploaded. You must retain the physical check for 30 days in case there are any issues with the image presentment. After 30 days, please void or destroy the physical check. The cash is yours to use as you see fit.

One thing to remember about the remote image deposit system is that the pictures need to be very clear, so they are best taken on a flat, uniform surface. Don't worry, though; if the picture is too blurry, the app tells you right away so that you have a chance to take another picture and deposit the check.

IMPORTANT REGULATORY CHANGES TO EXPRESS DEPOSIT (MOBILE CHECK DEPOSIT) EFFECTIVE 10.16.19: All checks submitted for deposit through Express Deposit (Mobile Check Deposit) must include: Member Signature and "For Mobile Deposit Only at JSC Federal Credit Union" written below the endorsement. Checks submitted without proper endorsement will trigger an error message or email notification that the check will not be deposited.  Endorse the check as required, see above example, and resubmit for deposit.

Devices That Can Be Used to Make a Remote Deposit Anywhere

As noted above, you can make a remote deposit with an iPhone or an Android. The system also works with an iPad. You just need a mobile device that can download the remote check deposit app, that has a functional camera, and you're good to go.

Checks Are Still Monitored and Cleared

When you use the mobile remote deposit system, you don't have to worry. The whole process is completely safe and secure. As soon as the check goes into the account, you'll get confirmation. Every check is still examined by our trained experts to make sure it is legit. We take the same care that we do when you come into the branch, but the remote deposit system lets you deposit your money from anywhere, anytime.

What You Need to Use the Remote Check Deposit System

To start using this system to make a remote image deposit, you'll need a few things, including:

  • A JSC FCU checking account
  • Our free JSC FCU mobile app
  • An account that has been enrolled in our Mobile Banking program
  • A check that does not exceed a total of $5,000

If you have all that, you're ready to start using this cutting-edge technology to take control of your finances on the go. No matter what industry you work in, this is a huge benefit that means you always have access to the money you've earned, no matter how you're paid.



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