Add/Remove a Joint Owner

How to Add a Joint Owner

To add a joint owner to an account, the primary member and the joint owner will need to sign a new account card (signature card). Joint owners must provide a copy of their current ID, personal information and will need to pass eFunds before they can be added.

 Good to Know: 

    • Joint owners can only be added by visiting a JSC FCU branch
    • The primary member will need to specify what account the joint owner will be added to.
    • Joint owners have equal responsibilities on the accounts they are on.               


How to Remove a Joint Owner 

To remove a joint owner from an account, the joint owner must complete a name withdrawal card form. The form can be drop off at any JSC FCU branch or the form can be notarized and mailed to JSC FCU PO BOX 58326 Houston, TX 77258. Updated account card (signature card) will need to be completed to reflect the change. 

  Good to Know: 

    • Account must be in good standing before a joint owner is removed 
    • Once the joint owner is removed, all transactions in that person's name will not be processed 




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