Debt Consolidation Loans

A Debt Consolidation Loan is a personal loan that offers you the convenience and money-savings of consolidating multiple high-interest debts into one simple loan, helping you to take control of your finances and be on your way to making that debt disappear faster.

A JSC FCU Debt Consolidation Loan can offer:
  • One simple monthly payment - you'll make just one easy payment each month for all of your debts
  • Free up your cash flow - our extended terms and low rates will make your total monthly payment lower so you can keep more cash in your pocket
  • Savings from the start - you'll save money on interest charges right from the start with our low interest rates, and the savings will continue over the life of the loan
  • Plan to payoff - with a set payment amount and set time period to pay off the loan, you'll reduce your debt faster and get it paid off for good

Plus, all JSC FCU Debt Consolidation Loans come with:

  • Quick approvals
  • No penalties if you pay off your loan early
  • Convenient payment options

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