Credit Card Balance Transfer

Transfer your high rate credit card balances today!

Enjoy These Benefits - No balance transfer fees

Save on Interest
Transferring a balance to your JSC FCU VISA Platinum Credit Card gives you a way to catch up on your existing debt. You'll get a low introductory APR to pay down your balance for the first six months.

Pay Down Balances Faster
When you pay high APRs, a lot of your money will go to the interest, rather than the principal balance itself. A low promo APR will make each payment more productive and cut the time it takes to reduce your debt.

Simplify your debt
Rather than paying multiple creditors on multiple due dates, consolidate your balances onto your JSC FCU VISA Platinum Credit Card for one easy payment on your balance transfers.

Balance Transfer Calculator*
See how much you could save by transferring your balance to a JSC FCU VISA Platinum Credit Card with a balance transfer calculator.

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Transfer your Balance in 3 Easy Steps:
  • Complete the Balance Transfer Form
  • Submit your completed form and any supporting documents to:
    • Fax: 281.226.1697
    • Mail: JSC Federal Credit Union,
      Attn: VISA Department
      PO Box 58346, Houston, TX 77258
  • Enjoy your Savings!

What is a Credit Card Balance Transfer?
The transfer of outstanding debt/balances from one credit card or loan to a new credit card.

Types of balances that may be transferred:
  • Credit & Retail Cards
  • School Loans
  • Gas Cards
  • Medical Bills
  • Auto loans
  • Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

If your payments on your other balances are due soon, it's best to make those payments even if you've already submitted a balance transfer request.

Allow up to 10 business days for balance transfer to go through.

More often than not, after someone consolidates credit card debt, the debt grows back. Make every effort to pay off transferred balances within the promotion period and don't accumulate more debt on other credit cards.

Not a current VISA Platinum cardholder? APPLY TODAY and receive a low six month introductory APR for new purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. Learn more.

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