Power of Attorney is a document in which one person, known as the principal, designates another person, known as the agent or attorney in fact to act on his/her behalf.

Good to Know:

      • Membership required: In order to put a POA on file, either the principal (the person making the appointment) or the agent (the person that has been appointed to act) must be a credit union member.
      • Fee: FREE
      • Requirements: Either the principal or the agent must be a current member before we will accept a POA.  Identification of the persons listed in the Power of Attorney is required (such as their driver’s license).
      • Does the POA only apply to the state it was issued in?  No
How to open up an account with a POA if you are an existing member:

If you are currently a member of the credit union, and you are bringing in a Power of Attorney to open an account on behalf of the principal (person you are operating business for) you will need to provide proof of your identity and the principal along with the Power of Attorney documents. The POA and all the other documents are submitted to our compliance department for review. Once the POA is approved, an affidavit is typed and presented to the agent to sign. This document is notarized validating that the POA that was submitted is still in good standing and has not been revoked. 

How to revoke a POA:

To remove a POA on file the principal will need to provide this to us in writing.  The letter should read: I, (Principal) hereby revoke the Power of Attorney which was granted by me on the ____ day of _____, 20____ which appointed __________________ as my Attorney in Fact.  ________________ (Attorney in Fact) no longer has the authority to act on behalf and said POA is now revoked, cancelled, and terminated as of _______________ (date).  The letter must be signed by the principal and should reference the account number.

The letter may be faxed to 281.218.6633, emailed to memservcompliancedept@jscfcu.org, or mailed to Member Service Compliance Department, PO Box 58346, Houston, Tx 77258.  

It is highly recommended that the letter to revoke the POA be notarized so there is no question that you authorized the revocation.

How to open up an additional account (sub account S75.1) with a POA for the principal if you are not existing member: 

 If the principal has an account already with JSC FCU, and the agent who has POA wants to open a sub account they can.  The agent will not be allowed to add any joint owners or beneficiaries on the account.  The account would be opened as a single party account, with no payable on death. 

How to add a POA on an existing JSC FCU account:

Power of Attorney’s are submitted to the Member Service Compliance department for review.  Once the POA has been approved, the agent can then act on the existing account.



Can I use a Medical Power of Attorney to operate on an account with JSC FCU?

No, Medical Power of Attorney is not sufficient enough.

If the Power of Attorney specifically states that in order to operate with it I would have to prove that the principal is incapacitated or disabled.  What would I need to provide?

 A signed statement from a physician on their letterhead stating the person is disabled or incapacitated.

Can I access a safety deposit box with a Power of Attorney?

This would depend on the type of Power of Attorney that is on file, and would be considered on a case by case basis.

Can I add myself as a joint owner on a JSC FCU account that I have a Power of Attorney for?

No, JSC FCU does not allow agents working on a Power of Attorney to change account ownership.

Does the POA only apply to the state it was issued in?


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