eStatements are a free, secure and environmentally-friendly service! View your account statements online, instead of receiving a paper copy in the mail. By choosing eStatements, you're part of the Go Green solution that helps all of us by reducing paper and printing waste, as well as postage and fuel costs.

eStatements Feature:

  • Fast access to your monthly statement
  • Free access to previous statements
  • Safety by reducing identity theft
  • Reduce excess paper waste


How do eStatements work?

Accessing your eStatement is simple, convenient and secure - once you complete the short sign-up process, you'll simply log in to eBanking and then click on 'eStatements' under the 'Accounts' menu. Depending upon the delivery option you choose, you can even receive a notification email to the email address you have registered on your account on approximately the third business day of each month, letting you know that your eStatement has been posted to eBanking. The eStatement itself will never be emailed, so your private financial information will always be safe and secure.

How do I sign-up for eStatements?

Sign-up for eStatements via eBanking 3 easy steps:

  1. Log-in to your JSC FCU account via eBanking
    • Navigate to the 'Accounts' menu and select 'eStatements'
    • From there, you will be connected to the secure eStatements screen.
  2. Next, you will be prompted to read and submit to the eStatement terms agreement
    • Please note that there are three different options to choose from when signing up, which are listed at the end of the agreement.
    • We recommend that members choose option #3: 'eStatements Only' option.
      • This option allows you to view your eStatements online at any time. You will receive an email notification when the latest month's statement has been posted to eBanking.
      • You man change these options at any time at your convenience, all from the secure eStatements screen.
  3. After choosing a delivery option and submitting your request, you can immediately begin to view, print and download your eStatements.
**If you currently do not have an email address registered in eBanking, you will need to register an email address before you can complete the sign-up process for eStatements. To do this, simply log in to eBanking then click on 'Update Personal Information' under the 'Options' menu.**
Is an email address required to receive eStatements?

Yes, if you currently do not have an email address registered in eBanking, you will need to register an email address before you can complete the sign-up process for eStatements.

Registering your email address:

  • Log-in to eBanking
  • Choose the 'Options' menu
  • Select 'Update Personal Information'
I want to sign-up for eStatement but I don't have access to eBanking

If you did not already apply for access to eBanking when you opened your account, first you will need to apply by one of the following ways listed below. Please note that when completing an application, this is only a request for service and access to your accounts is not granted immediately. When your eBanking request has been processed, a letter will be sent to your address of record providing you with the necessary information to activate the service. If eSigning an eBanking Application, you will receive an email notifying you that your service has been activated.

Apply for access to eBanking:

  • View / Print the eBanking Application
    • Mail or return the completed application to any branch
  • eSign your eBanking Application using our eDocuments service

Enroll in eBanking

If you have already applied for access to eBanking and been notified that your service has been activated, you will need to enroll as a first time user using the password/PIN information that was provided to you.



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