We understand how important 24/7 online account access is to our members. This information is designed to assist with enrollment and navigating the new system. The details below elaborate on new and existing features, answer frequently asked questions, and more. 

We appreciate your patience through this conversion and thank you letting us serve you and our community.

Good to Know:

  • All users will need to register their account for the first time. Please utilize these step-by-step instructions with screenshots of the registration process available for Mobile Device or Desktop.
  • Immediately change your phone number or address by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner - select profile - enter your new contact information.
  • Members will continue to have the same access they do today with more convenient features that include enhanced options such as Touch ID, ability to attach receipts, plus more. Click here to view a detailed document that demonstrates some of the favorite home banking features and services.


Enrollment and Logging In

Q. Do I need to register my account?

A. Yes. On the login page of the desktop site or the mobile app, click “New User? Register Here”. You’ll need to agree to the eBanking Agreement and Disclosure, then enter the Primary Member’s Social Security Number, Member Number, and Date of Birth. Next, you’ll choose a phone number and either a Text Message or Voice Message or email as a means to receive your Authentication Code. Now you will create a username, enter your email, phone number, and create a password. Once completed, you will be returned to the login page where you can enter your newly created username and password to log into your account.

Q. Is https://jscfcu.cbzsecure.com a valid website to access the JSC FCU Home Banking?

A. Yes it is. The home banking system was updated on April 30th 2018 and this is the direct link to our home banking website.

Q. Why didn't I receive my Security Code via text message?

A. If you are not receiving the authentication code by text, please note some cell phone providers may have a block set up for third party text messages. You can request that these not be blocked from your provider. You may choose the Voice Message or email to receive the code or call a JSC FCU representative to assist you.

Q. Why am I being asked for a Security Code again after I have already registered?

A. For security purposes, each new device (computer, tablet or mobile) that accesses your ebanking login will require a security code. If you select the box save user name you should not need to get a code again. Unless you clear your browsing history (cache). If you clear your history then a security code will be required on the first log in after the history is cleared. Please note: some internet browsers will automatically clear your browsing history and cookies upon each log out. This can be changed by adjusting the settings on your internet browser. Also, if you have multiple accounts you log into (different user names) using the same device, a new security code will also be required. If you have taken all the above steps and are still being asked for a Security Code, please visit a branch or call and speak with a representative.

Q. International Members Enrollment – Why didn’t I receive the security verification code?

A. International phone numbers cannot receive the verification code by text or voice call. If the phone is registered as a US phone number, the code can be sent by text or voice call as long as the provider offers international service on a US based phone. You may select the email option or if you are an international member and need assistance with the enrollment or security code verification, please call us so a representative can assist you.

Q. What if I forget my username or password?

A. On the login screen, registered users can select the “Forgot Username or Password” option. You will be prompted to enter a few pieces of personal information, then you will select email or phone and a message type to receive an authentication code. After successfully entering the authentication code, you will either be shown your username or be allowed to reset your password. If your account become locked out (after 6 incorrect log in attempts) please contact a JSC FCU representative to have your account reset.

Q. I have a shortcut favorite to the login page saved to my desktop, will this still work?

A. No. You will need to delete your shortcut favorite and create a new shortcut favorite to the new login page.

Q. Do I need to download a new app or will my existing app be updated?

A. You will need to uninstall the current app from your Android or Apple device, then download our new app from your app store.

Q. Can I enable fingerprint login?

A. Yes. This option is available to registered users who are accessing eBanking through our mobile app (Android or Apple) on a compatible mobile device.

Q. Why do I need to put in my Account Number, SSN, and other personal information during enrollment?

A. Our member data and personal information security is always our number one priority. As the new home banking and mobile app were designed this was top on the list of requirements. This new system is designed to keep your account and personal information safe while making the log in process easier and quicker. In order to protect you accounts and personal information the new system request your data including account number, SSN, DOB during the enrollment process. You may also visit any branch location and a representative can assist you.

Q. Can I see my account balances and transaction history without logging in?

A. Yes. After registering, you will log into your profile through your mobile app (Android or Apple devices). Under the settings menu, there is a login type option called “Auto Login”. This will allow you view your account balances and transaction history without logging in. If you attempt to process any transactions or account changes, you will then be prompted for your eBanking password. If you choose to use this feature, it is strongly recommended that you add a password to your device or require biometrics (your fingerprint or Face ID) to unlock your device.



Q. How do I access my eBanking settings and what settings are available to me?

A. To access your eBanking settings, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

The following settings are available to you:

  • Settings Menu: Change the account order of your account list, setup Text Banking, change your account nicknames, and show or hide accounts.
  • Profile Menu: Update your contact email, phone numbers and residential or mailing address.
  • Alerts Menu: Setup notification settings and enable/disable individual alerts. (Note: Account alerts are sent out in a summary format twice daily and security alerts are sent out in real time.)
  • Contact Us Menu: Provides information to contact a credit union representative.
  • Locations Menu: This allows you to search for a Branch Office or ATM location.
  • About Us Menu: This provides a history of the credit union.
  • Help Menu: This option allows you to reset your password or recover your username.
  • Rates Menu: This will display our current savings and loan rates.
  • Privacy Policy Menu: This will display our privacy policy.
  • Facebook Menu: This will direct you to our Facebook page. Follow us today!
Q. I'm unable to see the log out button? Why is the text overlapping?

A. If your screen is zoomed in the log out button under the setting menu (gear icon) may not be visible. This can be resolved by zooming out your screen. This is often done by selecting the CTRL + rolling the mouse button or CTRL + or – on a laptop or desktop computer. Or under the settings menu on your mobile device. If you increase your font sizes or use Easy Mode on your mobile phone then there may be some text overlap or layout issues. They best way to resolve this is to adjust font back to standard size under the settings menu of your mobile device.

Q. How can I change my address or phone number?

A. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner, select Profile - update the contact information in the box. Please note: These changes will be immediate.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. Before logging in, you may select the “Forgot Username/Password” button on the login page and follow the prompts to reset your password.

If you are logged in, select the gear icon at the top of the page, and choose the Help menu option. Then follow the prompts to update your password.


Account and Loan Information


Q. Where are my account balances?

A. On the desktop website and the iPad app, your accounts will be listed horizontally along the top of the page. You will be able to navigate through your account list by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of your accounts. These boxes will show your Account Names, Available and Current Balances. There is also a magnifying glass icon to the left of your account list that will display this account information vertically. Clicking on any account will display the transactions for that account under the ‘Accounts’ menu option.

On the mobile phone app, your accounts are listed vertically under the accounts menu option. You will see the account name, available and current balances. By selecting any of your accounts, the transaction history for that account will be displayed below your account list of that same page.

Q. Why does my balance show $0 with a pending transaction?

A. Since the pending transaction has not removed funds from your account the balance has not yet changed. The current balance (before the pending transaction is processed) can be found on the transaction below the pending transaction or on the account tiles at the top of the screen.

Q. Can I change the nickname of my accounts?

A. Yes. On any of your accounts, you can select the gear icon and change the nickname of that account. For mobile phone apps, you will click the 3 dots menu option on the account button, choose See Details, and then select the Gear Icon to Edit the Nickname.

Q. Can I hide or unhide an account from my account list view?

A. Yes. On any of your accounts, you can select the gear icon and hide or unhide that account. For mobile phone apps, you will click the 3 dots menu option on the account button, choose See Details, and then select the Gear Icon to hide the account. The only account you cannot hide is your Primary S1 account. You may also view any hidden accounts under this menu as well.

Q. Can I search for a transaction?

A. Yes. There is a search field above your transaction list. Choose the account you would like to search through, then enter the search criteria. You may search for words within the transaction description or for a dollar amount. If you are searching for a large dollar amount, remember to include commas in your search criteria (for example search 1,250.00 instead of 1250.00).

Q. Can I attach a receipt to my transaction history?

A. Yes. On the transaction, there is a down arrow that will expand the details of that transaction. While viewing the details, you will see a paperclip icon. Choosing this icon will allow you to attach an image file to the transaction or take a picture of your receipt with your mobile device. These images are for your records and the credit union does not review them. You should also save the original copy of your receipt for your records.

Q. Can I download my transaction history or use Quicken/ Quickbooks?

A. Yes. On the eBanking website, there is a download icon above your account list. Choose this option and enter the download criteria (such as file type, account, and the date range). Currently, we support Quicken (QFX) (Desktop version), QuickBooks (QBO) (Desktop version), and CSV file formats (in the JSC FCU app). Click here for more information about the Quicken or Quickbooks connection instructions.

Q. Can I print my transaction history?

A. Yes. On the eBanking website, there is a printer icon above your transaction history. Choose this option to print the transaction history currently being displayed.

Q. What do the checkboxes next to my transactions do?

A. These are used to help you keep track of the transactions you have balanced in your checkbook. After you have recorded a transaction in your checkbook register, you can check the corresponding box in your transaction history to mark is as recorded then click the save icon that appears above your transaction list.


Credit or Debit Cards

Q. Can I order a credit or debit card through Digital Banking?

A. At this time we are not able to assist in ordering a debit card or credit card through Digital Banking. Please call us directly at 281.488.7070 or utilize the secure messaging service to contact us for further information.

Q. Can I turn off/turn on my credit or debit card through Digital Banking?

A. At this time we are not able to provide this feature for our cards. Please call us directly at 281.488.7070 to assist with your card or if it is after normal business hours please contact the 866.692.9364 number for assistance.


Loans or VISA Credit Cards

Q. How can I get a loan payoff?

A. Please call or visit any branch location to get current loan payoff information.

Q. How do I view loan details (i.e. due date, minimum payment, etc.)?

A. On the Loan Account box, choose the “i” icon (desktop version) or the stacked dots button and View Loan Details (mobile app).

Q. How do I view, edit or delete a scheduled Transfer?

A. For an account to account transfer, the scheduled item will appear under the “To my accounts” section. For a scheduled loan payment, the scheduled item will appear under the “Loan or VISA Payment” section. Click or press on the stacked dots icon, then choose Edit or Delete.

Q. When scheduling a loan payment, what do each of the payment options mean?
  • Amount/Specific Amount – This option will allow you to designate a specific amount to be transferred.
  • Percent of Balance – This option will allow you to indicate a percentage of the “Transfer From” account balance to transfer.
  • Minimum Payment – This option will transfer the minimum payment due for the loan you are transferring funds to.
  • Payoff Loan – This option will transfer the payoff balance of the loan on the date you select. For Visa and Line of Credit accounts, the payoff amount is based on the most recent billing cycle that has closed.
  • Bring Loan Current – This option will transfer an amount to the loan in order to bring the loan current, which will include any past due amounts.
  • Dividend – This option will transfer the last dividend paid to your “Transfer From” account to the loan you choose.
  • Pay Finance Charge – This option will transfer the finance charge that has accrued to the loan account you are paying.
  • Pay Only Over Limit Amount – This option will transfer the amount that has exceeded a credit line’s limit, such as a Visa or Line of Credit account.
Q. Can I do a cash advance from my Line of Credit or Credit Card through Digital Banking?

A. Yes, members may pull money from a Line of Credit or Visa Credit Card under the To My Account Option under the Transfer/Payments heading.You may also pull from a VISA Credit Card at an ATM or branch or Line of Credit in a branch.

Q. Can I download a loan or credit card payment transaction report?

A. Currently this feature is not available, however we are working to make loans and credit cards payment transaction reports available for download in a CSV format.  


Check Services

Q. Can I stop a check through Digital Banking?

A. Yes, select Check Stop Pay under the Account Info tab. You will need to select the checking account that the check was written off of and then enter the check number. There is a standard check stop payment fee that will debit the checking account where the stop payment is applied. Please refer to our fee schedule for the current stop payment fee amount.

Q. Why can’t I view my check images?

A. Some check images might not be unavailable in cases where the check cleared more than 45 days ago, business account checks, the check was cashed in a JSC FCU branch or the check was converted to an ACH. If you need an image that is not displayed please visit a branch or call to speak with a representative. 

Q. Can I stop multiple checks?

A. Yes, you can do a series of checks as long as they are consecutive. If there are multiple checks you wish to stop but they are not in sequence order, you will need to place separate stop payments. There will be a separate fee for each stop payment placed. If you need to place a stop payment on a book of checks that never arrived from Harland ordering, please contact our Call Center directly.

Q. Can I stop checks on accounts I am joint on?

A. You can only place a stop payment on the member number that you are logged in under, if you wish to place a stop payment on checks on your joint accounts you will need to log into that account’s eBanking to place the stop payment.

Q. Can I order checks through Digital Banking?

A. Yes, utilize the tab under the Account Info. Click on Check Reorder and click on the proceed button. You will be redirected to our check order by Harland Clarke. Please choose the item that you want to order. After choosing the check, you will be able to select if you want duplicate or singles checks, confirm the starting number, and confirm your personal information on the checks. Please review all of the information to make sure it is correct before placing the order.


Voice Banking

Q. Can I still use Voice Banking and what is the username and password?

A. The voice banking system is available - 281.488.0708. It is currently connected to our previous home banking system. If you have called in before and set up a pin # then you can use that information.  If you have not ever called the voice banking system again you will need to register first before you can access the information.


Secure Messaging

Q. How can I send a secured message in the Digital Banking?

A. Please click on the Secure Messaging under the Account Info section on the left side of the webpage. Once you click on the Secure Messaging option, you will be presented with three boxes; Inbox, Sent, and Archive. To send a message, please click on the “Pencil” icon. By clicking the “Select Subject”, there will be a list of subjects for you to choose from.

Q. How soon will I receive an answer to my account inquiry?

A. After submitting the Secure Message, please allow two business days to respond to your message.


New Account or Loan

Q. How can I open an account on the Digital Banking?

A. Select New Account or Loan under the Account Info section on the left column. Select the orange Existing Member Button and follow the steps for the new account opening process. Please do not select Become A Member, we are working to remove this option.

Q. Am I able to apply for a loan within the JSC FCU app?

A. Yes. You can apply for a loan and a credit card. Please click on the New Account or Loan option under the Account Info column.



Q. Am I able to view my statements online?

A. Yes. In order to view the statements online. Please click on the eStatements option under the Account Info column.

Q. How far can I go back to far my eStatements online?

A. You are able to view up to 2 years of eStatements.

Q. Am I able to print the statements online?

A. Yes. After clicking on the statement, there is an option for you to save or print the statements.


Account Reporting

Q. What is Account Reporting?

A. This option provides our members the ability to search for a specific type of transaction (debits or credits) and check number inquiry. You can also save a report to your computer for future reference. If you wish to search for all transactions, choose the account type and date range, then simply do not add any filter designations (leave the filters blank).




Q. Can I make a transfer within my accounts?

A. Yes. You can use the To my Accounts option under the Transfer/Payments column to move funds within your JSC FCU account.

Q. Can I schedule a transfer?

A. Yes. You can select a specific date for the funds to be transferred. To Schedule a transfer, choose the account “From” and “To”, enter the amount, choose the date under the “Send Date” to start and under Frequency, please choose the option from one-time, weekly, every two weeks, semi- monthly, etc.

Q. Can make a transfer to another JSC FCU account/member?

A. Yes. You can make a transfer to another member’s JSC FCU account by using the To Another Member option. You will need the member’s last name, the account type, and the member’s member number.

Q. Am I able to make a payment to my loan/loans or VISA Credit Card?

A. Yes, you are able to make a payment to your loan, VISA Platinum or Platinum Rewards credit card, and home loan (Home Equity, HELOC, Unimproved Property, and Home Improvement Loan) through Digital Banking. Please use the Loan Payment option under the Transfers/Payments column. You are also able to schedule a payment. Please Note: VISA Platinum or Platinum Rewards Credit Card - you may select regular or principal only payment. 


External Transfers

Q. Can I transfer funds to another institution?

A. Yes. You can utilize the External Transfer under the Transfers/Payments column. To add the external account, you will need your external account routing and account numbers.

Q. How long will it take to transfer the funds to another institution?

A. At the initial set-up, JSC FCU will send a Test Deposit and a Test Withdrawal to your external account. You will need this information to verify your external account link and complete the set-up process. Once you confirm the test amounts, you will be able to transfer the funds to and from your external account. Please allow 2-3 business days for the funds to be transferred.

Q. Is there a fee for using this service?

A. There is a $2 fee for each transfer to another financial institution account. There is no fee to transfer into your JSC FCU accounts, unless you choose to expedite the transfer.


Send Money

Q. Can I send funds to another individual without their banking information?

A. Yes. You can send funds by an email or by a mobile number (text) by choosing the To a Person option under the Transfer/Payments Column. Once you complete the recipient’s email or mobile number and submit a transfer, the recipient will receive an email or mobile text upon your request. The message will ask the recipient to accept and complete the request by entering their banking information.

Q. How long will it take to transfer the funds to another institution?

A. Please allow 2-3 business days for the recipient to receive the funds.

Q. Is there a fee for using this service?

A. There is a $2 fee for each transfer.


Transfer To Another Member

Q. Can make a transfer to another account/member?

A. Yes. You can make a transfer to another member’s account by using To Another Member option under the Transfers/Payments column. You will need the member’s last name, the account type, and the member’s member number.

Q. Can I pay anyone?

A. Yes. You can pay anyone that has a JSC FCU account. If you need to pay a person without a JSC FCU account, please use the To a Person option under the Transfers/Payments column.


Express Deposit

Q. What is Express Deposit?

A. You can use Express Deposit to deposit checks into your account. There is a specified limit in the application on the dollar amount of checks that can be accepted. You take a picture of the front and of the back of the check and then enter the amount of the check. Checks must be payable to you or a signer on your account. Please allow up to 2 business days for the funds to be available in your account as the deposit can be subject to holds. Any holds longer than 2 business days you will be contacted via the email address on file to notify you of the extended hold.

Q. I took a picture for Express Deposit but I do not see it in my account. What happened?

A. The image could still be in processing, each image does have to be reviewed if it is over a certain amount. To check the status of your deposit please click the Review Deposit option, listed under Take Deposit when you log in to the Express Deposit option. The upload may have been successful, but this does not mean the deposit has been credited to your account yet. If your deposit was rejected, this will also be listed in the Review Deposit section along with a reason. You can also always call us and we can assist with an explanation of your deposit status.

Q. Can I cancel an Express Deposit that I have submitted?

A. In very rare cases we are able to cancel the deposit once it has been submitted. If you realize you have already deposited the check, then we are able to cancel the deposit if it has not already been accepted and deposited to your account.


Pay Bills

Bill Pay

Q. How can I use Bill Pay?

A. Bill Pay is available under the Pay Bills column. Due to high member request, on June 14th, we switched back to the previous bill pay layout and process on desktop and laptop computers.  All your bill pay information has transferred over including payee's, history, and scheduled automatic payments.  PLEASE NOTE: The first time you log in after the change you will be required to re-accept the bill pay hers and conditions.  All other home banking features will remain the same. 

Q. Is there a fee using the Bill Pay service?

A. There is no fee for the use of our BILL PAYER service for up to 20 bills per month. All bills in excess of 20 per month will be paid at 30 cents per item.

Q. Can I pay anyone using this service?

A. The BILL PAYER service will allow you to pay almost any bill such as your Mortgage or rent, credit cards, utilities, or even the baby sitter. Please note; however, that you may not use BILL PAYER to make payments to a federal, state or local governmental or tax unit.

Q. How do I cancel a bill payment transaction?

A. If the bill pay payment has not already started the process you may cancel but if the process has started, the transaction cannot be canceled. To cancel the transaction using the desktop version - selected the Bill Pay Activity Tab – select the 3 dots – Details – and trash can icon. To cancel using the mobile app select the Bill Pay Activity Tab – select the 3 dots – Cancel Payment.

Q. How do I see the details or edit the payee information?

A. Desktop version: Click on the payee to display details and make changes. Mobile App: Click on the 3 dots next to the payee and select View Details and basic information about the payee is shown. If you would like more detailed information Select Edit then Edit Payee.

Q. What is the limit amount per payment?

A. The limit on a single Bill payment is $10,000.

Q. Why don’t I see the next payment due on my recurring bill pay?

A. Desktop: Click on the payee to display details and view/change the bill payment autopay. Mobile: Once your current bill payment is processed the next scheduled payment that will be sent out moves to the pending payment status until it is processed on the schedule you have chosen. You can view the next scheduled payment under the Bill Payment Activities Tab – Pending Payments heading. This pending payment will not impact your account balance until it is processed.

Q. What do I need to do if my Bill Pay has been blocked?

A. We will need to determine if there is an outstanding payment due to: insufficient funds, account closed, or your JSC FCU account was frozen the time that Bill Pay tried to withdraw from your account. We will need to open a case with our vendor to remove the block.

Q. Why are my payments not sending as an ACH/electronically?

A. The payment method will depend on Bill Pay and the payees. If they have a mutual relationship with Bill Pay, they will send the funds as ACH/Electronically. If Bill Pay and the payee have no relationship, Bill Pay will send a payment by check to the payee. We are not able to convert the payment by check or as an electronic payment. You are able to expedite a payment by check with a fee of $25.00.


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