Financial FAQs

What are the holidays that the Credit Union is closed?
  • President's Day - 2/15
  • Memorial Day - 5/31
  • Independence Day - Monday, July 5th observance
  • Labor Day - 9/6
  • Columbus Day - 10/11
  • Veteran's Day - 11/11
  • Thanksgiving Day - 11/25
  • Christmas Eve - Open: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Christmas Day - 12/25
  • New Year's Day - 1/1/2022
Where can I find a list of your branch phone numbers?

All branches may be reached by calling the Credit Union's main number: 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 (toll free). For a complete list of our branch locations, click here.

What is your mailing address?

JSC Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 58346, Houston TX 77258

What are your branch location hours?

To view a list of branch locations and hours click here.

Why do I have to call the Main office to get one of the Branch offices?

We operate a centralized call center to answer member inquiries and respond to general member service requests. Our branches are staffed with a minimal number of employees and would not be able to handle the call volume in addition to performing their other duties. If you need or want to speak to a specific employee at a branch office, our call center employees will be happy to locate them for you.

What is the Credit Union's routing number?

Our Routing Number is 313083992.
These nine numbers can be found in the bottom right corner of your check or deposit slip. The next set of digits are your account number.

How do I set up direct deposit?

Direct Deposit is set-up through your employer or the depositing company/organization. JSC Federal Credit Union's ABA/Routing & Transit number is: 313083992

What is an ABA Number?

An ABA number, also known as a routing number, is used to provide member account information for the purpose of establishing Direct Deposit.

Does the Credit Union have Notary Service? Is there a charge?

Yes, we have several notary publics on staff. There is no cost for the first 3 pages. Any additional pages will incur a $1.00 fee, per page.

What are the sizes and rental prices for a Safety Deposit Boxes?

Safe deposit boxes are available at several branch offices. There are a variety of sizes and rental prices available.

Safe Deposit Boxes (Annual Rent):

  • 3 x 5 - $15
  • 3 x 10 - $30
  • 5 x 10 - $45
  • 10 x 10 - $90
  • Box drilling - $175
  • Replace lost key - $15

Please call a Member Services representative at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 to inquire about safe deposit box availability. Please note that Safe Deposit Box rent prices and fees are subject to change. A private room is available for to view the contents of your safe deposit box.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address online via eBanking or by completing the Address Change Form under Account Forms on the Forms & Documents page or visit any JSC FCU branch.

What employment opportunities are available with JSC FCU?

Click here to view our current openings.

Do you offer discounted tickets for Seaworld, Fiesta Texas or Schlitterbahn?

Click here for more details about purchasing discounted tickets.

Do you offer discounted tickets for local attractions?

Yes, click here to review a complete list of discounted tickets.

How do I know how long my check will be put on hold?

If JSC puts a check on hold, your receipt will disclose the amount and the number of days it will be on hold. Check holds can differ depending on the type of check you are presenting as well as the location the check is drawn from.

How can I have a hold partially or fully waived?

Check holds are not normally waived.

What is a post-dated check?

A post-dated check is a check on which the written date is after the date the check was presented

How can I order checks?

There are several ways to order checks. If you have previously ordered checks, you can reorder checks via eBanking or contact a Member Services representative at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708. You can also order checks at a JSC FCU branch. 


How long does it take to receive my checks?

Check orders generally take 7 - 14 business days to be delivered. Please allow at least the 14 business days before contacting JSC. If you still have not received your check order, contact a Member Services representative at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708.

How much does it cost for a check/draft stop payment?

There is a $20.00 charge for a stop payment (per request). A stop payment on a cashier's or tellers check is $20.00 (per request)

What do I do if my check clears for the wrong amount?

Please call the Accounting Department at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708.

What is the cost to receive a copy of a cleared check?

If you have access to eBanking you can view and print checks that have cleared your account free of charge. If you need JSC to print you a copy of a cleared check, there is a $3.00 charge per check copy. 

What is the cost to receive a copy of my statement?

If you have access to eBanking you can view and print the last twelve months of your statements free of charge. If you need JSC to print you a copy of your statement you will be charged $2.00 per statement copy.

How do I know if my account has overdraft protection? Can I sign up for it?

Please contact a Member Services representative at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 for assistance.

There is a mistake on my credit bureau report. How do I fix it?

If it is our error, contact that credit bureau and file a dispute. The credit bureau will send the dispute to the Credit Union and we will address the issue. If the loan was 30 days or more past due and it is not our error, we cannot legally remove that information from your credit report.

Is the JSC FCU part of the Shared Branching network?

Yes, JSC FCU participates in the Credit Union Service Center Shared Branch Network.
Learn more about the CU Service Center Shared Branch Network.

Can a member use one of the Shared Branch Credit Union Service Centers to do any transaction?

Only deposits, withdrawals, transfers and loan payments are allowed through the Shared Branch Service Centers. If you need other services such as purchasing a Certificate or applying for a loan, you will need to do that directly with one of our JSC FCU branch locations. Learn more about the CU Service Center Shared Branch Network.

What do I need to change my payroll deductions?

Contact your company's payroll office to make a change to the amount of the deduction.

Can I cash my Type E savings bonds at JSC FCU?

Yes, visit any branch location to cash your Type E bonds.

What is the difference between a standard and detailed immigration letter?

The detailed letter includes all deposits made into the account for the past year, in addition to all of the information included in the standard letter. There is a $15 charge for the detailed letter, and if you do not have your statements for the past 12 months, there is an additional $2.00 per monthly statement fee. There is no charge for the standard letter.

Why is there a difference between my balance and available balance?

This happens when you have a debit card purchase pending on your account. When your debit card is swiped for services the amount of the authorization is subtracted from your available balance. When the charge clears your account the hold will be released from your available balance.

I made a deposit to my account that has not posted or the amount is incorrect. How can I fix this?

Please contact a Member Services representative at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 for assistance.

If someone makes a deposit to my account can they see my balance?

No, if someone makes a deposit to your account, and they are not listed as a joint owner, they will receivea receipt for the transaction without the balance.

How do I add/remove joint owners from my account?

A new signature card will need to be signed by everyone remaining on the account. To remove a joint owner, they must sign a withdrawal card. We do ask that all owners come to the credit union, but this can be done by mail if needed.

How do I add/remove an account beneficiary?

A new signature card will need to be signed by all parties listed on the account as primary or joint. Please visit one of our branch locations. Or, if you live out of town, we can mail a card to you. Beneficiaries can be added and deleted at any time, without the beneficiary's signature, unlike joint owners that require their signature on a withdrawal card.

My vehicle is financed with the credit union, can I take the vehicle out of the country?

Yes, at the very minimum we need proof of insurance for the country being visited, address and contact information for where the vehicle will be located. Contact the Loan Department at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 for a permission letter.

If the vehicle will be traveling overseas the following documents are required:

Most members will require a Letter of Authorization and a certified and notarized copy of the title held at the Credit Union.

  • The Credit Union will require proof of all appropriate insurances.
  • Full Coverage insurance in the country of visit with the Credit Union listed as the loss payee
  • Marine Insurance for vehicles traveling by boat
What are the fees for Traveler's Cheques?

Traveler's Cheques that require one signature only do not have a charge. Traveler's Cheques that require two signatures incur a $1.00 fee per $100.

Can I deposit rolls of coins in the drive thru?

No, our drive-up tubes cannot handle the weight of rolled coins. Only branches with a tray like drive-up window will be able to accept rolled coin.

Can I get foreign currency through the Credit Union?

Click here for details about purchasing foreign currency.

Does the Credit Union sell postage stamps?

Yes, books of 20 stamps are available for purchase at all branches.

How do I get current rate information?

Rates are subject to change at any time; however, for a list of our current rates click here. Also, please note that rates on personal property loans (such as new and used autos) are based on both the term of the loan and on the member's credit rating. Share rates are projections for the current month.

My direct deposit does not appear in my account, or the amount is incorrect. Why?

If your direct deposit does not appear in your account, or the amount is incorrect please contact your employer before contacting the Credit Union.

What do I need to change my payroll deductions?

If you would like to change the amount coming over to the credit union, contact your employer to make this change. If you would like to change how your payroll is distributed after it is deposited to your account, please call 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 to change your payroll distributions.

What do I do if I cannot get my checkbook to balance?

In the event you cannot balance your checkbook, you can request assistance from our Accounting Department. The account research fee is $15.00 per hour.

How can I place a stop payment on a check?

You can either place the stop payment yourself on eBanking, visit one of our branch locations to complete the Stop Pay Request Form or download the form on the Forms & Documents page under Account Forms.

Why was my pay-by phone loan payment reversed?

These transactions are only reversed if they have been returned to JSC FCU as unpaid items, ex: NSF or unable to locate account. You should check with the paying institution to see why it was returned to JSC FCU.

Do I have to close my account if I move out of state?

No, you do not have to close your account, once a member, always a member. JSC FCU has many members who live out of state. You still have several options for your banking needs: Click here to learn about account access options.

How do I close my account if I've moved out of state?

Contact a Member Services representative at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708.

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