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Brochures, Applications, Forms & Disclosures

Communicating clearly with our members is a key value at JSC Federal Credit Union. You will find select brochures, applications, forms, disclosures and other documents to view, print and sign located under the tabs listed above.



Document signatureFor certain applications and forms, you can now use our online DocuSign eSignature service. It's simple, quick and most importantly safe and secure. With this service, you can complete a JSC FCU application or form, then electronically sign the form using a secure and intuitive online process.




What is DocuSign?

With DocuSign you can sign your documents (applications, loan forms and more) electronically and easily. When your form or application is complete it is electronically sent to the Credit Union, saving you time, money and gas. Whether you’re at your home or office, or even on-the-go DocuSign works every time. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s legally binding.

  • Please be aware that this process may verify your identity by asking a series of random "out-of-wallet" questions, which may be created from public record and credit databases.
How do I know if I can eSign a document?

If you see the word 'eDocument' listed after a title, that means the application or form is designated to use this DocuSign process.

  • Please note that a valid email address and internet access is required to complete any of the eDocuments.

JSC FCU Account Forms

Is DocuSign Safe/Secure?

Yes. Protecting your finances is our top priority. When a form or document contains highly sensitive information, we don’t take risks. DocuSign offers a comprehensive approach to security to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and enforceability of your forms and documents.

How do I know my eDocument was received/submitted?

Once you have completed and submitted your eDocument, you will receive conformation by email that your request was received by the Credit Union.

  • For all eDocuments, please allow at least two business days for the Credit Union to process your request.


Should you have any questions or would like more information about any of our documents or the DocuSign process, please call us at 281.488.7070 or 800.940.0708 or visit a local branch.


Products & Services


New Account Application - View / Print | Apply Online

JSC FCU always welcomes new members! If you are not sure about the requirements for joining, it is much easier than you think, visit our membership page to learn more!

Business VISA Credit Card Application - View / Print | Apply Online

The JSC FCU Business Visa Platinum Credit Card is an essential tool to help meet your business spending needs. With no annual fee, you'll have a convenient way to pay for everyday business expenses.

Loan Application - View / Print | Apply Online

Apply for a loan when you're on the go, or from the comfort of your own home.

eBanking: Phone Banking System/eBanking Application - View / Print | Apply Online

If you did not already apply for access to eBanking when you opened your account, first you will need to apply. You may then enroll.

After applying you may enroll for access.

VISA Check (Debit) Card and ATM Card Application - View / Print | Apply Online

Order a Visa check card or ATM card.

VISA Platinum Credit Card Application - View / Print | Apply Online

Apply for a Visa Platinum credit card

Account Forms

Visa Debit Card

VISA Credit Card


Account Disclosures:

Switch Kit


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