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  • Pay your bills online when you want - on payday, near the due date, or whenever you choose!
  • Pay almost anyone, including individuals like your friends or landlord, or pay businesses like your cell phone or utility company.
  • Schedule payments in advance. To use online Bill Pay simply date your payment for the day you want it to be delivered.
  • Set up recurring online payments for regular bills, and you'll have peace of mind that your payments will be made.
  • Make expedited payments or send ebills (restrictions apply)
  • Update payee and payment instructions anytime.
  • Track your online Bill Pay history through the payment activity tab - see who you paid, the date and the amount.
  • Contact Bill Pay's Help Center by dialing 855.451.9202 for any Bill Pay questions or troubleshooting.

Good To Know


  • With Bill Pay, you don't have to spend time writing checks, making extra trips to the mailbox, or standing in line at the post office. Visit eBanking to enroll online today!



Member Services
For your convenience, Member Service is available by calling 855.451.9202. You can also use the Secure Messaging Center to send direct, secure messages to our Member Service team. 
Ending Your Online Session
If using the website version of Bill Pay, click on the "Exit Bill Center" button (top right corner) to end your session. If using the mobile app, you can press the "Logout" buton, located under the gear menu in the top right corner of the main screen. We recommend that you always click on the "Log Out" button, rather than just closing your browser/mobile app, to ensure that you are fully logged out of your secure session.
Session Time-Out
If your online session is inactive for approximately 15 minutes (that is, if you have not submitted any transactions or clicked on any new pages), your session will expire. Any payments already submitted will be scheduled. If you need to schedule more payments or review your acitivty, you'll need to login to home banking.


What is Bill Pay?

With Bill Pay, you can pay bills online, quickly and easily! Plus, when paying bills online, you spend less money on postage costs. You can use our online Bill Pay program anytime you access your accounts through the eBanking.

How do I access Bill Pay?

To access Bill Pay you must log into eBanking or our Mobile App.

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