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  • Competitive interest rates
  • Low fixed interest rates
  • Quick Approval
  • No penalties if you choose pay off your loan early
  • Free up your cash flow
  • Savings from the start
  • Promotional rates and terms available

Good To Know

Credit Life / Disability Insurance Available
  • Credit Life/Disability Insurance is an insurance plan, generally member paid, that provides loan payments to be made on the member's behalf during such time as he/she is temporarily disabled. Decreasing term life insurance that provides for a member's insurable loan balance to be paid in full in the event of his/her death.

eSigning available
  • Complete a JSC FCU application and electronically sign the document using a secure and intuitive online process. Please be aware that this process may verify your identity by asking a series of random "out-of-wallet" questions, which may be created from public record and credit databases.

Application Turnaround Time
  • Applications are typically processed within 24 business hours (excluding holidays and weekends)

Application Process

1. Pre-Approval - May apply Online or In-Branch:
  • What you will need to provide at application:
    • Personal contact & employment Information
    • Proof of Income
      • W2
      • Pay Check Stub
      • Self Employed: Two years of tax returns
    • Amount Requesting
  • Member will receive a pre-approval letter (email for online apps) from a loan officer/processor. This will be your point of contact for your loan closing.
2. Prior to Loan Closing:
  • For Debt Consolidation loans, member will provide the following creditor information on debts to be paid:
    • Financial Institution Name, Payment Address, account number and balance.
3. Loan Closing (available online or in-branch):
  • Documents to bring to closing
    • For debt consolidation loans, member will bring creditor information (listed above in section 2ai)
  • Member chooses optional products:
    • Credit Life / Disability Insurance
  • Member chooses payment options
    • Mail payment coupons
    • Periodic Payments
    • Electronic Transfer (through eBanking)
  • Member signs loan documents 




Can anyone get a loan from a credit union?

Only a member of a Credit Union can apply for a loan. To find out if you are eligible for membership or for information about becoming a member click here.

How do I apply for a loan?

You may apply for a loan by fax, phone or via our Internet Loan Application.

How long is a loan pre-approval good for?

A loan pre-approval is good for 30 days and can be renewed.

Do you offer business loans? 

Yes, we offer variety of small business loans (Line of Credit, Signature, Vehicle and VISA loans.) These loans are processed the same way our personal are processed except these loans will be in the business name. 

Do I need to complete more than one application to apply for multiple loans?

No, you may apply for the full amount that you need, however, you may have more than one loan if the loans are different types.

How do I know if I will need a co-signer? I don't have much of a credit history yet.

Click here to complete an application online. A Loan Officer will run a credit report, review the request and determine if a co-signer is required.

Do you offer Investment loans? 

No, we do not offer Investment loans at this time.

What kind of loan do I need if I have no collateral for a loan? 

A Line of Credit Loan would be the type of loan to apply for if you do not have anything as collateral. A personal Line of Credit gives you convenient access to a ready supply of cash at a competitive interest rate. You can access your line-of-credit funds via any ATM, eBanking or an in-person request.  You can also use your line-of-credit to provide overdraft protection for your JSC FCU Express Checking Account.  

How is interest calculated on a consumer loan? 

Divide the interest rate by 365 days (# of days in a year), multiply by the principal balance (this gives you the per diem), then multiply that by the number of days from payment to payment. Interest is calculated daily on the unpaid principle balance of the loan.

Do you offer credit life and disability insurance on any type of consumer loan? 

Yes, credit life and disability insurance is available on all consumer loans.

What do you mean by risk based lending? 

Risk based lending allows us to offer extremely competitive rates to our most credit worthy members while still being able to help those with less than perfect credit at a very competitive rate. The rate is determined by the credit score furnished to us by the credit bureau at the time we request the report.

What do you mean by risk based price lending? 

Risk based price lending is setting the interest rate based on a member's credit score. This is why the Credit Union posts a range of rates rather than a single rate for each loan term and type as the rate you receive will fall within a range depending on your credit score.

Compare Personal Loans


  Personal Loans Line of Credit Share Certificate Loans Share Secured Loans
DESIGNED FOR Members who wish to borrow funds for a variety of expenses or consolidate debts into one simple loan payment Members who need convenient access to a ready supply of cash at competitive interest rates Members who wish to build good credit by using share certificates as collateral for a loan Members who wish to build good credit by using share savings Accounts as collateral for a loan
Low and Competitive Rates Ok Ok Ok Ok
Speedy Approvals and Pre-Approvals Ok Ok Ok Ok
NO Collateral Required 1 Ok Ok    
Flexibility to Use Your Loan for Any Expense Ok Ok Ok Ok
Simplify Your Life and Budget By Consolidating Bills and Having a Single Payment Ok Ok Ok Ok
Convenient Payment Options Ok Ok Ok Ok
NO Penalties if You Pay Off Your Loan Early Ok Ok Ok Ok
Low-Cost Optional Payment Protection Insurance Ok Ok   Ok
Can Be Used As Overdraft Protection   Ok    
Earns Dividends During the Loan Period2     Ok Ok

Eligibility based on credit worthiness and other factors.2APY=Annual Percentage Yield.All share accounts are compounded and paid quarterly.Rates may change after account is opened.All share Certificates are compounded and paid monthly. Fees can reduce the earnings of deposit accounts.
Penalties may apply for early withdrawal of share Certificate deposits.

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Today's Rates
New or Used Auto Rate 1.49% - 11.74%
VISA Platinum Credit Card 6.90% - 14.90%
Express Checking 0.05%
Share Certificate 0.40%-1.21%
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