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  • Find dealers that provide JSC FCU financial onsite at the dealership.
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No penalties if you choose to pay off your loan early

Good To Know

We finance TESLA Autos!

It's easy to apply. Just apply online and enter Promo Code: TESLA


We understand buying a car can be stressful so that is why we have partnered with CARVANA to provide our members another auto buying option.

  • Convenient 
  • Great Inventory 
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Buy,Sell or Trade

Click here to find your next dream car or to sell/trade your car. 

Electronic Title 

The electronic lien and the title program is a paperless method that allows TXDMV and a financial institution or lienholder to exchange vehicle title information electronically. The title record is sent electronically and the lienholder stores the electronic record instead of a paper Certificate of Title. The electronic title is created and held by TXDMV in the state motor vehicle database. When the loan is paid in full upon lien holder's request, the TXDMV will print a paper title and mail it to the owner. 

Loan Payoff

10 business days after a loan has been paid off, JSC FCU will automatically release the electronic lien with TXDMV. After 10 business days has passed, the State will then mail a paper title to you within 7 to 10 business days to the address the Credit Union has on file. If the address on record is incorrect, please update your address with the Credit Union to ensure the title comes to the correct address. Any address changes should be made prior to loan payoff.

Member Auto Center

Visiting a dealership can be overwhelming. But with JSC FCU and Member Auto Center, we make the car buying experience safe and easy.

  • Search new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Calculate your monthly payment
  • Submit for a no obligation price quote
  • Get a listing of all participating dealers
  • Get an auto check vehicle Report
  • Apply for an auto loan

Before purchasing your next auto, be sure to follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Visit jscfcu.memberautocenter.com to research vehicles and get pre-approved for your auto before you ever get to the showroom floor.
  • Find a Preferred Dealership and ask for the Credit Union Representative by his or her name.
  • Contact 832-912-2182 for auto buying assistance.
Indirect Dealerships

Skip the trip back to the credit union and enjoy the convenience of signing loan paperwork at an Indirect Dealership. Current JSC FCU members and potential members can complete all the necessary paperwork while enjoying the same loan rate that is offered at JSC FCU branch locations.  

  • Click here to see the complete list of Indirect Dealerships
GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Insurance

GAP Insurance helps pay off your remaining loan balance if your auto is stolen or damaged, and is deemed to be a total loss. GAP Insurance bridges the "gap" that can occur when the unexpected (accident or theft) happens to your auto. It bridges the amount you owe and the amount your auto insurance covers for your auto.

  • Protection for the term of your loan up to 84 months.
  • Coverage for autos financed up to $100,000.

You may even qualify to add the cost of GAP to your loan. Please contact a JSC FCU representative for more details. 

Extended Warranty

A vehicle service contract protects you from costly mechanical repairs including comprehensive benefits. Have the peace of mind knowing that most problems can be taken care of with an Extended Service Contract. Extended warranties are designed into three products; Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level 3 is bumper to bumper covering all the vehicles mechanical and electrical repairs. Warranties may be purchased at any time.

You may even qualify to add the cost of Service Contract to your loan. Please contact a JSC FCU Representative for more details or click here to get a quote.

First Time Auto Buying Program

To be eligible for the First Time Auto Buying Program you must be of legal documented driving age (usually 16+ years of age).

  • First time buyer must have no credit or limited credit history, with no derogatory trade lines and no auto trade-line history.
  • Borrower must have six (6) months job history, proof of employment and proof of income (if applicable).
  • Loan payment may not exceed 15% of applicants gross monthly income (if applicable).
  • A co-borrower is not required if applicant can provide 10% cash down, or 10% in a Savings Account to be held as collateral (funds will be "frozen" in the account) for 36 months.
  • If 10% cash down is provided, the loan may close at an Indirect Dealer.
  • Regular interest rate guidelines apply
  • A co-borrower is not required if the applicant can save six (6) months' worth of the total estimated monthly loan payments.
  • Learn more about other Credit Building Products or to view the First Time Auto Buying Guide

These funds must be saved in the applicant share (savings) account prior to funding. Upon loan approval, the saved funds will be held as collateral (frozen in the account) for 36 months.

  • The co-borrower, must be a JSC FCU member.
  • Interest rate is based on the qualified co-borrower - parent, grandparent or legal guardian.
  • Loan qualification is based on the parent, grandparent or legal guardian.
  • The co-borrower may choose the name(s) listed on the title. (Both the borrower and co-borrower or one or the other.)

Find and Build Your Auto

Enjoy the convenience of car shopping from the comfort of your own home. JSC FCU in partnership with Member Auto Center is here to help you search for and purchase your perfect vehicle. Use the features below to get started.

Finance Your Auto

JSC FCU offers extremely competitive interest rates and terms for both new and used autos. Use this guide to apply for a loan, find your vehicle and to finalize your loan – we even explain the process in between so you know exactly what’s needed to expedite the process.

Use the print icon located at the top right to conveniently print the provided information.

  • What you will need to provide at time of application:
    • Personal contact & employment Information
    • Proof of Income
      • W2
      • Pay Check Stub
      • Self Employed: Two years of tax returns
    • Collateral Information (Optional)
      • VIN Number
      • Year/Make/Model
      • Mileage
      • Color
      • Features
    • Amount Requesting & Down payment (if applicable)
  • Member will receive a pre-approval letter (email for online apps) from a loan officer/processor. This will be your point of contact for your loan closing.
Finding your Auto
  • Visit Member Auto Center for pricing; inventory; and preferred dealer contacts.
  • Negotiate best price and sign Purchase Order (also signed by dealer).
Prior to Loan Closing
  • Member or Dealer should fax/email/bring in person the signed Purchase Order to loan officer.
  • Member should contact their Insurance Agent to obtain an Insurance Policy or Declaration Page listing the auto and JSC FCU as Lien Holder with a max Comp / Collision of $1,000. Member should fax/email/bring this form to their loan officer.
  • For in-branch closings, member should contact their loan officer to schedule a closing appointment. For online closings, member should fax/email their documents to their loan processor.
Loan Closing
  • Member chooses
    • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Insurance
    • Extended Warranty
    • Credit Life / Disability Insurance
  • Member chooses payment options
    • Mail payment coupons
    • Scheduled Transfer
    • ACH payments (from another financial institution)
    • Electronic Transfer Electronic Transfer (through eBanking)
    Member can sign loan documents in person or electronically
    • Online: via secured channel
    • In-Branch: in person
  • After documents are signed and audited, a Draft Letter will be delivered to the dealership. This document will allow the member to take possession of the auto.
  • Member will go to dealership and take possession of vehicle. Dealer processes Title work and gives member their license plate.

Protect Your Auto

A vehicle service contract protects you from costly mechanical repairs including additional benefits. Have the peace of mind knowing that most problems can be taken care of with an Extended Service Contract.

Use the print icon located at the top right to conveniently print the provided information.

Vehicle Service Contracts

When buying any vehicle, there is always a chance of having a mechanical breakdown. However, you will have peace of mind knowing that most problems can be taken care of with a Vehicle Service Contract from Auto Exam, Inc.

Auto Exam will give you all the benefits and options at an affordable price. For just pennies a day, your automobile will be protected from unexpected repair costs. When an unforeseen repair is required, the first thing you will reach for is this plan.

Various coverages, deductibles, and coverage terms are available based on the vehicle's age and mileage. Below is an overview of some of the types of coverage that are available. For more details on coverage and eligibility, please contact Auto Exam directly or review your actual contract.

Exclusionary Coverage

Exclusionary Coverage is the best type of coverage available. This type of coverage will cover any part of the vehicle that is not listed as an exclusion by the contract. Below are some of the types of items excluded from coverage:

  • Any Normal Maintenance Item - Including but not limited to: tires, wheels, wheel covers, shocks, alignments, brake pads or shoes, brake rotors or drums, accessory drive belts, hoses, filters, exhaust components, clutch, and pressure plate.
  • Any Tune-Up Item - Including but not limited to: spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, and carburetor.
Component Coverage

Vehicles that are too old or have too many miles to qualify for exclusionary coverage may still qualify for a component coverage. There are many levels of component coverage available.

Typically these coverages will cover the major components of the vehicle. Below are some of the areas covered by these contracts:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Brakes
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Cooling
Powertrain Coverage

In some cases vehicles with high mileage may only qualify for a powertrain coverage. Typically this will be vehicles with 100,000 miles or more. Powertrain coverage will only cover the essential powertrain components. Typically these items will include the following:

  • Engine - All Internally Lubricated Parts
  • Transmission - All Internally Lubricated Parts
  • Drive Axle Assembly
Other Benefits

Contracts include:
Towing Coverage, Substitute Transportation (Rental Coverage), and Trip Interruption.
Most of our contracts also include:

Other Benefits Available on some coverages include - Roadside Assistance, and more.
Please refer to your contract for the benefits that apply, not all benefits apply to all contracts.

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