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Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that are owned and governed by their members. They provide savings, checking, loans and other financial services to the community, from the community itself. Everyone who is part of a credit union is a member, a joint owner of the credit union and eligible to vote in and run for the institution's governing board of directors. This means that credit unions are governed in the interests of their members, not outside shareholders who aren't part of the community. At a credit union like JSC Federal Credit Union, you will be treated like family and the valued member of our community that you are.

JSC FCU is a one-stop shopping source for your financial needs and those of your family. We're deeply rooted in our community here in Houston and dedicated to providing exceptional service and value to our members. From checking and savings accounts to online banking to car loans in Houston for your next family car, you can always turn to JSC FCU's specialists for responsive, friendly service dedicated to meeting the needs of our members. We've been an active part of our Houston community since 1961, helping our community become financially independent for over 50 years. As one of Houston's largest credit unions, we serve more than 2,000 business partners and 123,000 members in communities throughout the area: Houston, Clear Lake, League City, Ellington, Friendswood, Texas City, Galveston, Dickinson, Pasadena, Pearland, Seabrook, Deer Park and La Porte.

Learn More about JSC Federal Credit Union Car Loans

Here in Houston, having a reliable car to meet the needs of you and your family is very important. There are a variety of sources for auto loans to help you finance your new vehicle, but at JSC FCU you can find a credit union car loan from a financial institution that sees you as part of our family of members. Our car loans have excellent, market-leading rates as well as exceptional member service that is rooted in your community. When you borrow a car loan from JSC FCU, you know you can rely on your family and friends for great rates and reliability.


Credit Union Car Loans

There are six ways to borrow a car loan at JSC FCU. We're happy to work with you to find the best car loans in Houston for your unique situation. Among the loans we offer are new car loans, a clear alternative to dealer financing; used car loans for both private and dealership sales; lease arrangements through FairLease; refinancing of existing car loans, whether one of our own or from another institution; and car title loans, borrowed on the value of your paid-off vehicle. Our wide array of loans can include one that's perfect to meet your needs.

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Car Refinance

We don't only offer loans for car purchases at JSC FCU, we can refinance your existing auto loan to lower your monthly payments and reduce your costs. If your credit score has improved since you first borrowed your original car loan, you may benefit from a refinance; the same could be true if you borrowed a higher-interest loan for any number of reasons, perhaps through your dealership. You can use our online car refinance calculator to determine your potential savings and apply online to find out how refinancing your auto loan could work for you.

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Car Loan

With JSC FCU, finding car loans in Houston doesn't have to be a stressful process. We can help you find the most suitable loans that meet your needs. Our community-minded member services loan officers know that people have a range of credit scores and that you probably aren't an auto loan expert. We have a special program for first-time auto buyers and a range of payment terms and periods to help find a monthly payment that works for you. Our interest rates are highly competitive and flexible, and we care for our members with excellent member services.


Apply for an Auto Loan

When you work with JSC FCU, we'll help you like a member of our family. It's easy to work with us to find the car loan for your circumstance and budget. With our auto center, dealer partnerships and free online loan calculators, you can make use of excellent resources to ensure you're finding a great deal to get the car you need. Our loans never have early payoff fees and we offer a wide range of payment options, including mail payment, electronic transfer, ACH or automatic debit. Our comprehensive website allows you to search vehicles from the comfort of your home, calculate your monthly payment, get a vehicle report on a specific car and request a price quote for your preferred vehicle. You can wrap it all up with applying for a JSC FCU car loan online!

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Auto Car Loan in Houston

With more than 50 years of service to our members and our community, we have guides and assistance that can help you as you move through the loan process. One advantage of a credit union car loan is that your borrowing isn't limited to new cars from a dealer's lot. With JSC FCU, we can help you with the process of buying a used car, including getting the auto loans that you need. We provide references to dealers that are known to be trustworthy and reliable, as well as providing NADA price guides and online loan calculators to help you make sure you're getting the deal that you deserve on your used car. We not only offer standard auto loans for cars ten years old or less, but also have special classic car loans that are available for unique purchases. Please contact a JSC FCU representative for more details.

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Car Finance

When you're looking to finance a vehicle, JSC FCU can help you to find the perfect credit union car loan. We have a full Member Auto Center that includes a car financing calculator, a great tool to help you decide between a lease or a purchase, determine your monthly payments and help you to determine how much car that you can afford. Our calculator can also help you to determine whether to take advantage of a rebate offer or a lower APR or accelerate your payments on your loan.


Open your account today!

JSC FCU is here to help you find the perfect car loan to meet your needs. With exceptional member service committed to getting you the best deals from a lender that sees you as one of our own, we can help you today when you apply online for a loan. And if you're not already a member, it's simple to join! Start online or visit one of our convenient locations to set up your account and join the community at JSC FCU.

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