safe deposit box is a secured container held in a vault.  Safe deposit boxes are generally used to store important papers or valuables.

Good to know:

  • Membership is required to rent a safe deposit box.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes are available at the following branches:
  • Box Size and Rent
      • 3 X 5 $15
      • 3 X 10 $30
      • 5 X 10 $45
      • 10 X 10 $90
      • Box drilling $175
      • Replace lost key $15
      • Emergency box drilling fee $210
  • Safe Deposit Box rent prices and fees are subject to change. Please refer to the Fee Scheuled for details.
  • Please contact the Credit Union to find out about the availability on our Safety Deposit Boxes.
  • The contents of the box are not insured. Contact an insurance agent for more information about insurance for these contents. 

Safe Deposit Box Payment:

At the time of opening the box, you will select what account to withdrawal the payment from. Annual cost for the box is collected upfront and will be automatically debited every year after from the same account.

How to Open a Safety Deposit Box:

Visit the branch that you will be opening the safe deposit box with.  A Financial Center Specialist will be able to assist you.  ID, such as a driver’s license will be required for all signers. 

How to Add a Joint Tenant:

If you are adding a joint owner/tenant to the box, they as well as yourself and any other tenants on the box will need to sign the safe deposit box contract.  The best way to do this is all meet in person at the branch.  If the primary account holder cannot get all signers to the branch, he/she can request a second contract be printed, so signatures and ID’s can be obtained.  Once that contract is returned, with the proper documents (ID’s) the updated contract will be placed on file.

How to Close a Safety Deposit Box:

The primary or joint owner/tenant may request to close a safe deposit box.  You will be required to sign the release section of the safe deposit box contract.  You will need to remove all items from the box at the time it is closed.  This must be done in person at the branch the safe deposit box is located.  This cannot be done by mail.




Will I get a refund if I close my box before the annual term?

Since boxes are rented on an annual bases, we do not prorate refunds.

Who will have access to my box upon my death?

If you have a joint tenant on your contract, they would have access to your box.  If not, whomever is appointed as the Executer/Executrix of your Estate would have access. What documentation does the Executer/ Executrix need to provide?   The Executor/Executrix will need to provide an original Letter of Administration or Letter of Testamentary proving they were appointed over the estate.  These documents will be stamped by the courts.  An original death certificate is also required.

What happens if I fail to pay my box rental?

Your accounts could be frozen until payment is made, and your box could be subject to be drilled. What will happen to the contents?  After a five year period, the contents will be escheated to the State of Texas Unclaimed property division.

What happens if I lose my safe deposit box key?

There is a fee to replace a lost key. Please refer to our Fee Schedule.

What happens if I lose both of my keys?

There is a fee to drill the box. Please refer to our Fee Schedule.

Can I arrange for someone to access my safe deposit box in an emergency?

The only person(s) that can access your safe deposit box is a joint tenant or a deputy that you have appointed on your box contract.

If the contents of my box have been escheated to the state, how can I reclaim my property? 

You can contact the Texas Department of Unclaimed Property by calling 1-800-321-2274 or visit their website


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