Traveling (Notification Required)

To ensure service and security of your Visa ATM/Debit Card or Visa Credit Card when traveling abroad, please use this Travel Notifcation Form to inform the JSC FCU Visa Department of your travel plans. This notification is strictly to safeguard your Visa ATM/Debit or Visa Credit Card from unauthorized use. Simply call or email a JSC FCU Visa Officer using the contact information below. Please note that these representatives are only available during regular business hours.


VISA Travel Assistance

Travel Notification Form
  • eSign Travel Notification Form
    • Submit form electronically
  • Submit Travel Notification Form
    • Print and return or Fax to any JSC FCU branch
  • This form may be used when traveling abroad or in an area you normally do not use your debit/credit card.
  • By completing and submitting this form, JSC FCU can suppress fraud monitoring through Visa. This will prevent your card from being blocked while traveling.
  • As a precaution while you are traveling, remember to monitor your accounts closely for any fraudulent activity.
  • There is no guarantee the card will not be blocked, so always take a second form of payment while traveling.
Emergency Assistance

For emergency assistance outside of the United States, please call collect 410-581-9994. 
For emergency assistance in the United States, please call 800-VISA-911 (800-847-2911).

Marcella Villarreal, VISA Officer
281.488.7070 x.1118 or 800.940.0708 x.1118

Virginia Szopa, VISA Officer
281.488.7070 x.1119 or 800.940.0708 x. 1119

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